Gori Tere Pyaar Mein

Gori Tere Pyaar Mein
Star Actor:
Imran Khan,Kareena Kapoor,Anupam Kher,Nizhalgal Ravi,Sujata Kumar,Manoj Bakshi,Neelu Kohli,Vineet Kumar Singh,Farzil Pardiwalla,Srikant Krishnamurthy,Om Ravindra Shetty,R Balasubramanian,Anandi Ramchandran, Vallabh Gade,Esha Gupta
Punit Malhotra
Story Line:
Sriram Venkat: Imran Khan Born in the metropolis of Bangalore, Sriram is a laid-back, young architect. But he wants to spend all his time and his father's money having fun. He is thus a disappointment to the hardworking Venkat family due to his fun-loving and careless attitude - something he is indifferent to. His materialistic needs get the better of him as he betrays his girlfriend Dia, who he mistook for just another girl in his life. But a little push made him realize he had fallen in love with her! Against all odds Sriram makes the journey to find and re-claim his love, which leads him to a remote village in rural Gujarat. But it isn't easy for the charming urban lad to break out of his comfort zone and enter the gobar-smelling rural environment. Yet, he is determined to live through theextreme conditions and odd lifestyle and help her with her mission in order to win her heart once again. Sriram thus exemplifies the poster-boy for today's youth as he seamlessly weighs out his needs against the greater good - something he learns to do the hard way. Dia Sharma: Kareena Kapoor Dia is a passionate, strong-headed, young activist from Delhi. She is unconcernedtowards her own safety, to her parents' dismay, in order to assist and uplift the socially repressed. The unwavering and outspoken Punjabi strongly believes in her principles never thinks twice before punishing someone in the wrong. But it is this exceedingly upright almost neurotic behaviour that comes in between her relationship with Sriram. She finally decides to discard her safety net and take a life-changing step to move to a remote rural village and save the inhabitants from hardship. She successfully gains a respectful and influential position in the hearts of the villagers. Once betrayed by Sriram, she stubbornly refuses to forgive him when he lands up there. She is certain that herlove for him comes second to her goal in helping the villagers till she realizes his true potential. Dia is thus the power-bomb strong Indian icon that finds it hard to find the correct mix of what her brain tells her to do and what her heart really wants. Synopsis Sriram Venkat is the most shallow guy on earth who doesn't value relationships, family, friends, life or the country. Not necessarily in that order. Because he couldn't care less about the order. This makes him the clear 'black' sheep of the family. At some point this shallow man begins to narrate the story of the crazy relationship he shared with Dia Sharma. His ex girlfriend. A firebrand social activist who wanted to change the world. An attraction which was physical initially but then got emotional and finally veered into complex territories resulting in a clash of ideologies and mindsets which drove them apart. Bitterly. Sriram believed that charity begins and ends at home. Whilst Dia felt that you have to be the change that you want to bring about. However Sriram realizes that he is not over Dia and still loves her and that she is the best change that ever happened... and will happen to his life. But Dia has moved on and is now in an obscure village in Gujarat called Jhumli. Sriram lands up in Jhumli to take his love back... But Dia refuses to return with him. Frustrated and faced with the ultimate challenge, Sriram realizes the only way he can impress upon Dia to come back with him is by making Jhumli independent. By helping others... something he is just not accustomed to do. This is the biggest irony of his life. What he doesn't bargain for are the various road blocks he might face, in the face of politics, corruption and clueless villagers. But the biggest hurdle he faces eventually is himself. His own moral fabric which isn't upto the challenge he has undertaken. Will Sriram be able to win back his love? Will he be able to bring about the change in Jhumli as well as in himself??? This is the story of a boy and his struggle to cross a bridge... a bridge that bridges the love and gap between two people.



ali hameed
02 Jan 2014 11:54
yar itni bakwas movie main ne apni poori zindagi mein nahin dekhi.i will give 100 out of 4 to this movie.it was so much flop film.everyone dont and never try to watch this movie.yeh movie toh bakwaas kya ghatiya tareen flop film duniya kee hai.huh
16 Dec 2013 13:20
buqwas movie
Mahnoor IjaZZ
01 Dec 2013 10:10
Fazool movie
Mahnoor IjaZZ
01 Dec 2013 10:09
Fazool movie
23 Nov 2013 12:25
koi bta skta hy yeh mvi kaisi hy ya phr time waste hi ho ga agr dkhi to.....................?
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